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Charleston, SC update May 30, 2009

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Mrs. C and I had the chance to stop by People Places and Quilts today while roaming the streets of Charleston.  Great location and super friendly staff.  One lady working there commented that her 96 year old mother still does all of her quilting by hand.  Very impressive.  My hat is off to you ma’am.

Nice selection, but too much emphasis on the 1800 reproduction prints.  They had a whole section especially for them. I guess being in south in one of the most historic souther cities, this makes sense.  I know where to go now should I ever feel the need for a Civil War quilt.


Ed Hardy style has crossed over into quilting??? May 29, 2009

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Last night was Creative Solutions at the Sew and Quilt Shop.  On the last Thursday night of the month they go over all of the classes for the upcoming month, new patterns and new fabrics.  When they showed this new fabric last night I wondered, “When did Ed Hardy get into quilting?”

Michael Miller fabrics is producing a line of fabric that is funky and bold with tattoo inspiration.  Upon looking at one of the fabrics, can you find the mistake?  Hint:  look on the Red Love Tattoo. 

Check out the fabric here.  Would you use this to make a quilt?  Any designs come to mind?  Do you have someone that this would be perfect for? 

I might have to go back to the shop and pick up a yard or so.


News Threads 5.27 May 27, 2009

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This is my weekly update of projects that I am currently working on, ideas, completed projects, and other randomness that I throw in.  Look for the posts on Wednesday mornings. 


I had purchased some variety polka dot material in 4″ squares from Ebay many months ago.  I finally starting on making something with them.  I did a nine patch design, then cut into four big squares.  I placed them randomly on the quilt and came up with an interesting design.  One of my coworkers called it more Halloweenish.  I didn’t like the way the quilting came out so Chickory, my puppy, will be enjoying this one in her cage. 

Citrus Quilt

  • Have all the green, orange and yellow blocks cut and sewn.  Now just time for the design/layout process. 
  • There is enough leftover material for the binding and back. 

Quiltstars Swap quilt

  • Waiting to get the blocks back.  This is my first swap, so I’m pretty excited. 
  • Have the design/layout already thought out in my head. 

Donation Quilts

  • 1 of the quilts has been done since before we moved and I have just held on to it.  I may be giving it to one of my nieces.  I know they should go to kids in need, but I now live 1500 miles from them and do not get to see them very much. 
  • From those original first 5 yards I have made 2 more quilts. 
  • The 2nd one is ready to be pressed, pinned, quilted and finished.  This will probably go to my other niece. 
  • The 3rd one I need to finish my felt design board so I can lay this one out.  I want to do something different with it.  Pictures to come later. 
  • My last donation quilt will be going to a close friend as she tries to figure out what is going on with her body.  Since I can’t go with her, this would be a great way to be there with her. 

Heading to Charleston, SC May 26, 2009

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Quiltytherapy will be heading to Charleston, SC this weekend for some much needed R&R. We will be checking out quilt shops on Saturday and looking for new inspirations.

I’m sure we will hit up People Places and Quilts,, in downtown. We are open to suggestions.


Stained Glass Window May 21, 2009

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A while back my gma had asked for a wall hanging to replace this old decorative fan she had on her wall.  After going through my stash I found some great material and took it home with me over the holidays.  Christmas day after dinner I sat around with her and starting planning it out.  I designed it and showed her what I had in mind and let her decide the colors that she wanted. 

Bold was her only requirement.  Being that she is 95 years old I would want something that is easy to see as well.  Since the wall hanging was going above her bed, I decided to make it look like a stained glass window. 

Cutting out the material was easy.  The small binding that I was using to outline the squares was another story.  It was 1/4 inch and by the time I was adding it to the blocks, I was working within an 1/8 inch seam.  The layout went well and the quilting was easy.  Once it was done, there were some errors and I learned that:

  • Utilizing the bias tape that can be ironed on a quilt would have been easier than sewing in the 1/8 inch seam allowance. 
  • Measure out how much material will be needed prior to starting the project.  I was using fabric samples so going and getting more wasn’t really an option. 

Overall I enjoyed making my first wall hanging quilt.  My gma loves it and forced my uncle to create a frame around it.