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News Threads 6.4 June 5, 2009

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I have resolved to spend at least a half hour in my sewing room each day.  So far, so good.  Many of the project I can trasnport into the living room and still spend time with the family.  Here is my weekly update:

Citrus Quilt

  • Not much else done.  Blocks are all pressed. 
  • Black border has been cut, just need to add to the blocks.

Pink Dots

  • I have two fat quarters cut of circles.  I need to cut two more.
  • I also need to press the black backdrop material.

Charity Quilts

  • The very special one is well on it’s way, the top could be complete this weekend. 
  • Not much else done

Stash update

While looking to find the perfect black for the Citrus Quilt I realized how big my stash of material really is.  I have enough in there to make at least 10 twin sized quilts.  Must keep using up the stash.


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