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Now I remember why I do this… January 16, 2010

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I am slowly adjusting to my new schedule/routine back in Indy.  One of the first things I did once I arrived was set up my sewing machine.  Granted, most of my clothes haven’t made it into my dresser, but my machine is completely functional. 

Everyday I have managed to sew about 30 minutes.  My stash of pot holders is growing quite nicely.  Thank you FREEZING cold weather. 

Last night I attended my first guild meeting in Indy.  Not sure what a guild is?  Imagine 100+ fabric obsessed women sitting in a room with a guest speaker.  Nancy Odom, who is a local artist, was the guest speaker.  Her use of humor made the evening meeting rather enjoyable.  I took from her that precision is key in creating your quilts, but have fun with it.  It was great to hear that because it is so true.  Taking the time to cut accurately will make a world of difference in my finished project. 

Guilds not only have guest speakers, lectures, workshops and projects, but they also give back to the community.  The guild had made quilts to be distributed to children in need at a local school.  They read the thank you letters from the principal and recipients, which moved me.  I started quilting to give back to those in need.  I will get back to that.  At least one a month I WILL be donating to a charity…I love Project Linus!! 

During show and tell one woman showed her quilt that was going to that same local school for their use in Black History month.  Amazing. 

Finally, there was talk about a guild member that had recently passed.  She passed her cherished stash onto another member.  In process of sorting out everything she found 32 UFOs, unfinished projects.  They are hoping to finish these through out the year and give back to her family.  What a great way to honor a quilter. 

I quilt because I can give back and touch someone’s life.  Plus…I LOVE fabric!!!!


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