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Snowy VACA February 12, 2010

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Dear Readers,

Sorry I have not been writing much this week. It’s a busy week at work and lots of snow. Not much motivation for sewing. I’ll be back next week.


Go Colts February 7, 2010

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Normally on a Sunday during football season I sew.  My fiance and I are big football fans.  He is a much bigger fan than I am.  He watches any game that he can.  So I have about eight hours of free time to create. 

Today is Superbowl Sunday and my team is playing.  There is no sewing for me.  I have to make my death queso, called death because it’s HOT!  A full jalapeno with seeds goes into it. 



Should I change Blog locations? February 6, 2010

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I have a blogger account with the same blog name and address. What kind of feedback can blogger users provide me? Your blogs look better than mine and it seems to be more popular than wordpress. HELP a Quilter out.


Giveaway Mania February 5, 2010

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Everyone must be suffering from cabin fever and anxiously awaiting spring.  Many quilter bloggers are having giveaways currently.  How exciting. 

For my giveaway from this week, I’m still waiting for Patty to contact me.  If you know Patty, tell her to email me.  I have Monday off and would love to get her award out to her. 

Here is another giveaway going on.  I love the colors in this fabric.  They would make a cute table topper for a little girl’s tea party.

What makes a great giveaway?  What do you like to see as a reader?


Congratulations to… February 4, 2010

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Thank you so much for all the submissions.  We had a great time reading over them.  Mrs C has chosen a winner. 

Patty Says:

February 2, 2010 at 2:38 pm e

I learned to sew from my grandmother. We always teased mom that she couldn’t sew on a button. But grandma had all the patience in the world and showed me so much. I was the oldest granddaughter who lived near by, so I must have been chosen! When I was still too young to actually run the machine, I would pull out the pins right before they got to the needle. And I did a great job of it according to grandma. Both my grandmothers are deceased now, but I have a wonderful treasure from them. When mom was cleaning out her mother’s house she found appliqued sunbonnet sue and butterfly blocks. I didn’t know grandma had ever appliqued, so they must have been put away a long time before I was born. They are hand button hole stitched and 30’s fabric. But since grandma was gone and I really wasn’t old enough to quilt by myself yet, my grandma on dad’s side of the family, who also quilted, set the blocks together and quilted it. So I have this beautiful quilt of 30’s fabrics lovingly put together by both of my grandmothers. I am now a grandmother myself and have made lots and lots of quilts and clothing. My oldest granddaughter turns 8 this month and I am going to give her one of my older machine and teach her how to sew. She was so excited when I asked her if she wanted to learn. And that makes me think of my mom not liking to sew and my daughter not liking to sew… it must be true that it skips a generation in my family.

Patty…please email me at with your address and your 5 fq selections.


New Fabrics from Timeless Treasures February 3, 2010

The groundhog saw his shadow yesterday, yuck.  I do know a few people that threaten to drive to PA and beat up poor Phil for his prediction.  The skies have been very gray for the last two weeks.  Makes me wonder why I left Florida again?  Just kidding.  I LOVE Indy and being back.

For today’s inspiration I went wondering around on fabric manufacturer’s Web sites.  I wanted to see how I could get myself into trouble with shopping.  Timeless Treasures has a lot of new fabrics out for spring.  I think the cold dreary weather is drawing me to the bright spring colors.  Here are the collections that I liked the best…so far.  There is no stash busting going on here. 

Strawberry Field by Alice Kennedy.  My favorite is the blended print fabric.  These have to be in my stash. For what project, I’m not sure. 

The other line that caught my eye was Lily by Alice Kennedy.  It has a great blend of pink, green and black.  These are bolder hues and not delicate springy colors.  A fat quarter collection of this collection wouldn’t be the worse thing.  These are great accent pieces for any project, don’t know that I would use them as a project as a group. 

The Strawberry Field line reminds me of the Hoffman Color Splash line that I talked about a couple of months ago.  Very interesting, could just be a “Spring” trend. 


Giveaway still going on February 2, 2010

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You have until 5pm today to tell me your favorite sewing memory. See the post below.