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Memories…giveaway February 1, 2010

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Good Monday morning.  Were you a productive sew-er this weekend?  I admit I was not.  Once again, life got in the way.  Actually, I was busy working on my wedding invitations so I can get them out this week.  Stuffing over 150 takes more time than I aniticipated. 

I received an email this morning from Joann’s about a contest they are holding.  It’s about Decades & Memories.  They are showcasing a project from a different decade.  Right now it is the 60’s.  That is not what got me thinking…the memories tugged at me a bit. 

My grandmother is the person that taught me to sew.  One of my favorite memories with her is from when I was around 5.  She had the sewing machine out and these circles in a variety of colors.  I started sewing them together.  She was behind me cooking dinner and there I was playing around on her sewing machine, no real clue what I was doing.  I love my grandma for letting me learn my way through new things.  I can tell you those circles looked like crap, but for a 5 year old I was really proud of my accomplishment.  I can see this memory like it was yesterday.  I’m currently sewing on her old dining room table at my parent’s house. 

My grandma gets the majority of my first time projects because no matter what she will love them.  She is showing off her quilt currently to all the ladies at her nursing home.  Now, she’s 96 and doesn’t have much else to do.  She has always been my biggest cheerleader.  She was my assistant on my first quilt. 

The first complete quilt that I made went to my parents for Christmas about 10 years ago.  I had bought the fabric and while I was home on break from school I would go over to grandmas to sew.  On Christmas Eve I wasn’t quite done with the top so I had to sneak it into my parents house.  It felt like my parents would NEVER go to bed that night.  There I was in our family room sewing up a storm trying to get this done before Christmas morning.  At 3am, I ran out of binding and called it a “night.”  My parents were very surprised by their gift.  They still have it in a closet, but it did not hold up so well to washing.  I had a lot to learn. 

So readers, what are your memories?  What is your favorite sewing memory?  I will let my quilting friend in North Carolina decide based on your responses.  My giveaway item will be 5 fat quarters, pick 5 of the 7 below.  Sorry, more of my collection is still in Florida. 

You have until Tuesday 2/2 at 5pm to post.  I will annouce the winner on Thursday!!


15 Responses to “Memories…giveaway”

  1. arlijohn Says:

    My favorite memory is playing under my grandmother’s quilting frame while she quilted . That frame was magic. It was my magic tent that transported me to Treasure Island and Alladin’s magic cave. My tent with the brightly coloredl top which was the last thing I saw as I drifted off into great adventures protected by its soft canopy. Under that frame I learned to embroider while my grandmother and her friends told stories above me. Sometimes when I am drifting off to sleep at night I can remember the feeling of contentment and wonder I experienced under that frame. It makes me think of my grandmother and the happy hours we spent together.

  2. Amy Says:

    My grandparents had all these antique sewing machines in ther basement–really big industrial ones because my grandfather worked at Warner Bras. I know, weird. But he could literally sew anything (so could grandma) and he wasn’t embarassed about it. In fact, while he couldn’t fight in WW2 (army wouldn’t take him), he was proud to make American flags on his company’s sewing machines. His main job responsibility was to fix the machines and train others to use new machines.

    For so many years I thought the machines were just “interesting” but I never knew the history that went into them. I remember sitting in a pile of scraps watching my grandparents hem pants or make Barbie clothes and finding myself amazed.

    Amy (
    Finally, I’m almost 30 and I’m starting to sew. Not quite the way my grandparents did, but in my own unique way. Still, I think my grandparents would be proud.

  3. Jocelyn Says:

    No one in my family did much sewing. I learned to sew in Home Ec in High School. After I married, I took a quilting class, but my sister in law showed me the “new” quilt in a day method that revolutionized my quilting. However a favorite quilting memory would have to be when I have passed my love of quilting on to others. I taught my daughters friend, Jessica, how to quilt. She in turn took that tool and started “OperationHomeFrontQuilts” in Pasco Florida. She made and organized hundreds of quilts that were given to the families of fallen soldiers. She was on the local news, CNN, People magazine, Readers Digest and the Learning Channel (broadcast into classrooms). I was amazed at how one young lady could organize such a huge undertaking and bring comfort to the families who had lost a love one in the war. This memory is held in my heart and the hearts of all those Jessica has touched.

  4. SewCalGal Says:

    My mother taught me to sew, when I was about 5. I was the youngest of 3 girls and she felt it was important for each of us to learn to sew. I remember her stressing how important it was to know, even if we later decided to buy our own clothes. I started sewing squares of fabrics together to make doll quilts while my siblings made clothes. By the time I was ~10 I could make basic clothing and “basic quilts”. Keep in mind this was long before rotary mats, cutters and all the cool rulers we have now.

    But, one of my favorite memories of sewing when I was young was making a beautiful scrappy blue king size quilt for a boyfriend. He had bought his first home (a little condo) but didn’t have much money for furniture or decorating. By the time I finished making him the quilt we had broken up, but were still good friends. Years later he told me he thought I left pins in the quilt intentionally. Evidently he and his new girlfriend got pricked by a pin! Hymm.

    I’m happy to report I now have a king size Hawaiian style quilt on my bed, which I made. And a wonderful husband of 24 years of marriage!


  5. Deanna Says:

    My favorite memory was a few years ago when I finished my first “serious” quilt. It has about 3000 pieces and is handquilted. My longsuffering-mostly supportive husband observed me through the whole project and when I was almost done asked if he could quilt the last square. It was very late and I sat there somewhat bleary watching him v-e-r-y carefully pushing a tiny needle up and down. That’s love.

    • DianeH Says:

      My mother helped me sew a little doll out of a gray sock when I was a little girl. I named her Annie. I loved that doll and can remember her more than any store bought doll I owned.

    • grlfrnd Says:

      Wow, what a huge undertaking and great man. What did you do with the quilt?

  6. Lotta Says:

    My best quilting memory is when I made a memory quilt for husband. I used photos from his childhood and more recent ones. I even found a photo of his grand mother. I made it for his 60th birthday and could only work on it when he wasn’t at home.
    Lotta in Sweden

  7. Doina Says:

    Great giveaway! I have only a few months since I started quilting. I wanted to do something different! Please count me in!

  8. Jan Says:

    I think my best sewing memory is at age 8 I raided my Mom’s fabric stash and made myself a pair of shorty pajamas, with no pattern or supervision! The next best would be making my wedding gown. I was 19, we lived in a small 2 bedroom home, with no sewing room. I sewed on the kitchen table, and had to fold up shop for each and every meal, no exception. The gown was beautiful and I’m still married, after more than 45 years.

  9. Patty Says:

    I learned to sew from my grandmother. We always teased mom that she couldn’t sew on a button. But grandma had all the patience in the world and showed me so much. I was the oldest granddaughter who lived near by, so I must have been chosen! When I was still too young to actually run the machine, I would pull out the pins right before they got to the needle. And I did a great job of it according to grandma. Both my grandmothers are deceased now, but I have a wonderful treasure from them. When mom was cleaning out her mother’s house she found appliqued sunbonnet sue and butterfly blocks. I didn’t know grandma had ever appliqued, so they must have been put away a long time before I was born. They are hand button hole stitched and 30’s fabric. But since grandma was gone and I really wasn’t old enough to quilt by myself yet, my grandma on dad’s side of the family, who also quilted, set the blocks together and quilted it. So I have this beautiful quilt of 30’s fabrics lovingly put together by both of my grandmothers. I am now a grandmother myself and have made lots and lots of quilts and clothing. My oldest granddaughter turns 8 this month and I am going to give her one of my older machine and teach her how to sew. She was so excited when I asked her if she wanted to learn. And that makes me think of my mom not liking to sew and my daughter not liking to sew… it must be true that it skips a generation in my family.

  10. Bonnie C Says:

    I have a picture of my step daughter who at the time was 13, she was seated in front of my sewing machine for her weekly lessons, my son (age 3) was seated in her lap, he would say go machine go and the machine would sew, he thought he was magical, so cute that she had the patience to put up with him as she was trying to learn.

    and the last is what has brought me to quilting. My Mother was the quilter and if I wanted a quilt I would just let her know and she would make it for me. I saw a tv show with the watercolor heart quilt featured and wanted one, so I bought the book and mom was going to make it. Well, she didn’t like the instructions and said she couldn’t make it, so I made the top for my heart and also a basket pattern that she liked and she hand quilted the heart top for me, but she never finished her basket as she lost her battle with cancer. We had worked on these two quilts together when I stayed with her as she got her chemo, the only project we made together.

  11. I was brought up in a small fishing village. We weren’t very well off, but we did receive the Sears and Eatons catalogue and dreams didn’t cost much, in those days. *grin*

    Luckily for me, my grandmother was GREAT at copying. Every now and then, I’d ask her if she could make me this outfit or that outfit, and she usually said “yes”. Somehow, somewhere.. she always found the money to pick up some fabric, for my “new” outfits. *grin*

    Oh… and going with her to our one and only fabric store, in our village. I used to LOVE touching all the different fabrics!!!

    *long sigh*

    My grandmother has since passed on, to that great sewing room in the sky…. Tks for bringing back some old memories…


    Rosa Robichaud
    P.S. Thanks for adding my name into your contest, too!

  12. grlfrnd Says:

    I have LOVED reading what you have shared with me today. Thank you so much. Mrs. C will make her decision tomorrow and I will announce on Thursday morning.

    I’m going to print these out and share with my gma tomorrow night when I go see her at the nursing home. These will make her day.

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