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Giveaway still going on February 2, 2010

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You have until 5pm today to tell me your favorite sewing memory. See the post below.


2 Responses to “Giveaway still going on”

  1. jomaj Says:

    Growing up, there were 6 kids, 3 of us girls, and my mother made all of our (girls) clothing. In addition, she created and made thee MOST beautiful dresses and outfits for our Barbies. I loved watching her sew, and would spend hours standing over her shoulder watching her work. When I was old enough to take “Home Ec” I learned to sew on a variety of machines. It was a great source of enjoyment to work on a project and have her come in and stand over MY shoulder. The only thing I could never master was inserting a zipper in to a garment. One night, while desperately trying to accomplish the task, she came in and tried to talk me through it. She got frustrated, I got weepy, and it escalated to the point of me storming out and her sitting down and saying, “(*@(*, Jo, I will do it myself!”

    Years later we looked back at that event and laughed – realizing (in a calmer moment) that the problem was not so much about me not doing it right, but right handed. My mother was left handed and did it “backwards.”

    I became a quilter because of her, and now am the proud owner of her Bernina sewing machine. It works like a dream – but at 51, I still cannot put a zipper in to a garment or anything else.

    • grlfrnd Says:

      You’ll have that Bernina for YEARS to come. My gma was left handed so I learned how to do everything backwards.

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