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Dress Deconstruction April 30, 2010

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Saturday evening while watching the Kentucky Derby I am going to start deconstructing my wedding dress.  I LOVED the beading work in it and want to keep it. 

Here I am doing my "Golddigger" dance

Here are my plans for deconstructing the dress and using it’s parts in other projects. 

  • Take the beading in the top away from the inner structure and cut into two inch strips.  I plan to use it around the borders of our wedding photos.
  • Press out the folds in the champagne satin.  Cut into two inch strips and use it around the border of wedding photos as well. 
  • I might give a small piece to both my mother and mother in law. 

I am taking the beading and buttons that ran down the back of the dress and using it around photos as well. 

The rest of the skirt will be kept until we have a baby.  I want to use the skirt as the back of our 1st baby’s quilt.  It’s not a satin so this idea should work out. 

The dress was altered too much to fit me to try to resell it online.  Plus, who wants to part with all of those awesome beads?


I REALLY Need to Spend Some Time Sewing April 27, 2010

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Thank you for the wedding advice last week.  It was a whirlwind and an amazing event. 

Wow, it has really been a few weeks since I have sat down and sewed.  I am anxiously awaiting getting back to sitting in front of my machine. 

The amount of projects that I have is amazing.  Here is my list of May projects to get working on:

1.  Finish a wedding quilt for a friend married in November

2.  Start and finish a baby quilt for Jett born 3 weeks ago.

3.  Start baby quilt from November wedding.  Yep, a honeymoon baby is on the way. 

4.  Deconstruct my wedding dress.  I am taking the beading and satin off to use around our wedding photos.  The skirt will be saved for a quilt when we decide to have kids. 

5.  Make more stuff for my Etsy.  I’ve had a few views on items, but no buyers.  My in-laws received quite a few of my potholders over the weekend.  Time to make more. 

Here is a photo from this weekend’s festivities. 

Taken on Butler University's Campus.


Wedding Week April 19, 2010

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The week is finally here.  I have been waiting for this day since December 2008.  Friends and family from all over the country will be joining us to celebrate our big day. 

I’m going to be running around like Monica on Friends, “I’m getting married today.”  Hopefully minus the trip and falling part. 

I guess I’ll have to change my screenname from Grlfrnd to WIFE.  Wow, madness.  Have any marriage advice?  We are both blessed that our parents are still married and have provided us with great relationship examples. 

I can’t wait to share with you all the wonderful advice that was given to me at my shower.  We had everyone write on fabric squares.  I’m hoping to have a few out during the reception for those didn’t have a chance to attend. 

Below is my favorite picture of us.  It’s also from our first date.  He asked me to attend the wedding of his best friend.  I am so happy he did. 


Finding more time April 14, 2010

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These days I could use a spare set of hands to accomplish my list of tasks.



-Unpack the house

-Finish wedding details, I have 10 days to go!!!

-Spend time with family, friends, dogs, fiance

Where does this leave time for me to quilt.  I have not had the time to really put forth the effort recently.  I need that release.  How do you do it?  Make time for it?  I used to put 30 minutes each day to do something creative, but now I barely have 30 minutes to do my hair in the morning. 

Hopefully as May rolls around I will have more time, get my motivation and get going. 

Loved the picture, this is how my days feel now. 


ETSY shop up and going April 6, 2010

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Check one more thing off my To-Do list.  I have finally listed items in my Etsy Shop. 

Want to check it out?  Visit the link below.

Here are my items I’ve listed. 


My stash has arrived…YEAH! April 5, 2010

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Last week the best present ever came to my new house.  MY STASH is here.  I have been on limited fabric for the last three months.  Only a few tubs of fabric made the original trip in January.  I had to leave room for clothes and my puppy. 

Is there anyone interested in older fabrics from say the 70’s?  Some of it has been cut.  It’s just not my style and I’ve tried to make donation quilts from it.  I’d rather give it to someone who will use it.  Please email me at if you are interested.  I would only charge the shipping or consider a swap.  I will hopefully post photos tomorrow, if I can find my camera cord. 

Maybe now I can actually get some projects complete and work on my goals for 2010.  I am so far behind and have tried to do too much in the last few months. 

So far most of my tubs have landed into the sewing room.  A couple of weeks ago I picked up a great find from Craigslist.  It’s a white cabinet with a butcher block top.  Say hello to my new pressing table.  It has drawer space and storage too.


Do You Shop Hop?? April 1, 2010

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I used to love doing the Fab Shop Hop and would really spend the time to go through different sites.  My priorities have changed and I’m trying to used my stash.  It’s so hard to look through all the great fabric and see great sales and not buy something.  I LOVE supporting small businesses. 

Will you be hopping this month looking for the elusive bunny?