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NYC Here I Come June 30, 2010

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Friday we leave for NYC.  I haven’t been there in about three years.  On tap for the weekend is the following:

  • Brooklyn Brewery tour & happy hour festivities
  • Yankees game (I’m either way on this, but excited to see the new stadium)
  • Hopefully some shopping in SoHo and/or Brooklyn.  I’m not a 5th Ave type of girl. 
  • Being a tourist 

2 Responses to “NYC Here I Come”

  1. Jan Says:

    I love NYC, have a great time. When we were there in May, I asked my hubs – If we win the lottery, which neighborhood would you want to live in, hands down, he said Soho. Love it. I also like the Hell’s Kitchen area around the Javitz Center.

    • Tisha Says:

      My hubby has quite a few friends living in NYC. My guess is that sometime in lives we will live there. I’ll post photos next week.

      Last time we were there, we were mostly in Queens. The friend we are staying with now lives in Brooklyn and it’s all new to me.

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