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A Finish Finally July 27, 2010

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Groovy Girl's Quilt

Well I had this quilt completed yesterday, but had to take photos today.  I have been trying to stash bust and this is the start of some 24 projects that I found.  OH Man am I going to be busy.  More great things to share. 

I’m working on a Quilts for Kids completion to get mailed out on Saturday.  The top has taken no time, just need to get it finished then basted.

Also on tap is a baby quilt for a friend Ashley.  I’m afraid Lily might be here before I get it completed, that is my fault though. 

On the desing wall is a Moda Eva quilt.  I need to go searching for green, pink and purple veragated thread.


Wonky Afternoon July 24, 2010



Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild met this afternoon and we made wonky blocks.  The first one I completely crashed and burned on.  The second one turned out much better.  See below.

I think I’ve decided to use the Botanica fabric in this manner.  Oh man, I’m excited to finally figure out what I’m going to make with this wonderful fabric.


Crash & Burn (Suggestions Please) July 20, 2010

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This morning I had every intention of getting up and doing some quilting to FINALLY get this one project finished.  I got my machine ready and prepped myself mentally. 

I started free motion quilting.  After a few swirls I stopped and checked out the back.  The thread was pulling in the curves of the the loops.  I loosened the tension and same thing happened. 

Needless to say I stopped and I am now in the process of ripping out all of the stitches. 

What should I have done differently?  Was it possibly because I was getting close to the end of the bobbin?  My tension was off?  I’m ready to try more free motion, but want to try and avoid this in the future.


Fun at work July 16, 2010

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I was bored yesterday while at working so I did something creative.  I started working on two different quilting patterns.  My first attempts were much better than the ones that followed. 
Now I just need to put these to use on a real project.


News Thread 7.15 July 15, 2010

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This week has been awesome.  I started a new job and I’m doing some off hours for training.  The best part is in two weeks I’ll be working 3pm-11pm so I can spend my mornings sewing.

Here is what I have been working to finalize all this week:

Custom Baby Quilt

I have everything ready to go on a couple more quilts, just need to sit down and do them.  I don’t have three days this week to just sit and sew.


Call Me Productive July 10, 2010

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Since Wednesday I have been working to diligently get items marked off my check list.  Well readers, I was successful. 

Five new sets of potholders that will be added throughout the week to Etsy.  Here is just an idea of what they look like. 

Finished the Groovy Flower quilt top and got it pressed.  Found backing fabric to coordinate.

Completed the custom quilt top I have been working on as well.  Just waiting on approval in order to start quilting.

However, to quilt I need to clean out my front room.  That includes finally unpacking from vaca, sweeping, and cleaning the carpets.  I like to pin on carpet so this is a must.  I found another top that I forgetten about and the backing.  Could there be another quilt to be completed in my making???  You bet! 


News Thread 7.6 July 6, 2010

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After a wonderful weekend in NYC I am ready to get back to normal.  I did get to stop by the garment district on Sunday very briefly.  Luckily I knew my limit and carry on size so I did not purchase too much fabric.  I picked out two wondeful yards that I already have ideas for. 

What is on the docket for this week…LOTS.  I start my new job next Monday.  I’m taking the rest of the week off to spend some time sewing.  I will be in a great mood going into the new job especially if I get a few projects marked off this list. 

  • Finish June block for Quilt Guild…yep, I’m behind already
  • Make the July block
  • Get those out in the mail
  • Piece rows for the custom quilt for Etsy
  • Finish applique on a quilt for Etsy
  • Press some UFO tops to hopefully get pinned and basted. 
  • Get some items started for Etsy listings so I can keep listing every couple of days. 

Goal for this week is to spend Wednesday-Friday sewing so I can enjoy my weekend.  Last week before we left I did make some strides in organizing my sewing room.  I unpacked about two big boxes.  I found a great new piece to put in the room for pressing pieces, it extends with drawers.  I can now walk from my cutting table, to the pressing table and put ideas up on my design wall.  My design wall is just a simple plastic tablecloth the with fuzzy back. 

Fabrics that I bought for quilts have been sorted into a shoe organizer.  That way, I can just pull them out and get started.  BTW…I have that thing full, so 24 projects to go.  Doesn’t look like much was done in there last Wednesday, but I see progress and that’s what is important.