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Black vs. White September 7, 2010

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In our last guild meeting we were discussing the use of white or black fabric in order to make other colors pop. 

Black tends to be the color that I turn to and rarely think about using white.  There are a few projects in the works that are using white…you will see those at a later date. 

What do you tend to go with black or white?  Why?


2 Responses to “Black vs. White”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Lately it’s been white. I like both though. Who’s to say it has to be either black or white. Can’t think of her name, but there is a famous quilter who thinks red is a neutral and will use it for a background.

  2. Jan Says:

    For me, it’s whatever works. I use a lot of white, but keep a stock of black on hand because some times it’s gotta be black.

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