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FOUND IT!!! October 7, 2010

Thank you to G and the comment that was left this morning.  I have found the quilt artist I wanting to find. 

Noriko Endo

Time to go through my scrap bin and start slicing to make create some wonderful confetti. 

No way can I even compare to her wonderful work, but I may have to attempt a similar art quilt to really capture the wonderful fall colors. 

Visit,, to see her techniques.  Enjoy and let your imagine run wild. 

BE CAREFUL Googling her name and images.  I found some naked women…scary and I was at work.  EEEKKK!!!


2 Responses to “FOUND IT!!!”

  1. Shelley C Says:

    THis is new to me technique and it is intriguing. I watched the videos. I don’t have the longarm to stabilize things 😦

    • quiltytherapy Says:


      No longarm here either. I think I’m going to make a small piece first and see how that goes before I do something large.

      If you try it send me a picture…love to see it.


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