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Delayed Honeymoon December 22, 2010

Hubby and I had quite the hectic spring around our wedding.  Buying a house, moving, and starting new jobs left little time to take a honeymoon.  We thought about Europe in the spring of 2011, but that was out of our reach for now. 

What should we do instead?  Hubby suggested a cruise since neither of us had been on one in the past.  Great book it!  He found a great rate on a weekend that worked with our schedule.  Got the passports ready and we were off. 

Flight to the cruise delayed, but we had time.  Arrive in Miami to cold.  Seriously, people were wrapped in blankets near the cruise ship.  Get in line and start the boarding process.  Something doesn’t seem right.  Hubby notices a couple of people wearing Backstreet Boys shirts.  Hmm, odd, they were popular 10 years ago.    Then it hit us, there were LOTS of women wearing BSB shirts.  What is going on?

After speaking to a woman that had traveled over 3,000 miles by herself for this cruise, we were told it was a special BSB cruise.  This includes four days of being on a ship in the ocean with crazed fans who have traveled from all over the world for a chance encounter with the pop stars.  Impressive clout you have there BSB. 

What did this mean for our trip?  We had lots of things to do without extra people, they had their own events.  We basically did nothing though and it was wonderful.  There were no BSB siting by us. 

However I do have these lovely photos from Key West and Cozumel to share.  Very inspirational.  One of my friends has used a photo for a project that she is working on.

Tile Wall in Key West


Sourthernmost Point


Sunset in Cozumel


Ocean from the back of the boat


What can I make from these photos? 

We got back to Key West in the Spring for a friend’s wedding, can’t wait to see what else I find.


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