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I'm just sewing out my stress.

Scraps May 20, 2009

Quilting starting for me as something I did with my gma many years ago.  I would sit in the kitchen with scraps and sew them together while she cooked dinner.  Never really made anything but it always stuck with me.

In school I was never a great art student.  Basically, I suck at drawing (even stick figures) and painting.  It does not make sense in my head.  Give me material and I can plan out something with it.  Remanants are my favorite part of any material section, which might explain my current stash.  For special occasion quilts I will design then purchase material accordingly.

I’m not your traditional quilter.  This is my creative outlet.  I quilt to relieve stress, for gifts, or charity quilts.  Working with Project Linus made me really appreciate what my hobby could do.  I saw it as something that could not only be nice around the house, but comforting to someone in need.  I should be in my sewing room more often for them.

You won’t find pictures of my dogs, kids, or other stuff on here.  I’m devoting this to inspirations, material, the design process, quilting and the finishing touches.

During 2010 I’ll be working to use up my stash and spend minimal money on my hobby.  I have been blessed to have so much, that I want to make sure I share.  Okay…I want to make room for more fabric eventually.

Update:  I have bought fabric.  Everything has mostly been for my Etsy store.  Couldn’t resist. 

I finally have a room that is all mine for sewing.  Can’t wait to see what I can create in there.  The plus side is my husband, still getting used to saying that, usually stays out of there.  Too bad the dogs really like to be under my feet while I sew.


No fabric to be purchased in September.  Seriously, I have more than enough. 

Quiltytherapy is now registered with the State of Indiana.  Lucky me can now collect taxes!!


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