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2011 Project December 30, 2010

I have been thinking about where I could take this blog over the next year and still develop myself as a quilter.  I’ve been asking for input from my quilting friends as well.

So here it is…TRIANGLES! 

I am terrified of this shape.

Yes, those three sided objects scare the sewing right out of me.  Look and what I’ve posted on here in the past folks, rectangles, squares, and some cirlces in applique.

So here’s what I’m going to do throughout 2011:

  1. Utilize the triangle rulers that I have to really work at getting better. 
  2. Make one block per week with a primary focus of triangles.
  3. With those blocks, make and auction off the completed quilt for Charity.  Now I just need to pick a color scheme I can stand every week. 

Here are the color scheme I am thinking:

Red, white and black. 

I am researching quilt blocks to use and work on the dreaded triangles.


Christmas Gift 2010 December 29, 2010

Christmas has come and gone.  What is your reflection of this year?  Mine was very different from the past years.  The husband and I agreed to no gifts especially since we just did the cruise.  Our friends adopted a family from the United Christmas Service here in Indianapolis.  We offered to help them adopt this family and were assigned to the 4 year old boy.  Toys, clothes, and shoes were on his wish list.  I had to keep the hubby out of the toy section.  Feedback from our friend says they were very grateful for the gifts.   Looking forward to doing this again.

My mother-in-law is the best.  She reads my blog regularly and fully supports my creative side.  She even went to a couple of quilt shops with me in October.  The gift is very simple but exactly what I need.    

After reading about my 2011 Project she had an idea for a gift.  I absolutely loved it.  I am in trouble that I opened the box early, but this was worth it.  Good thing, I ran out of black thread last night. 

Thread to match the colors of the 2011 Project.

So I asked my Facebook friends what their gift of the season was.  Here are some of their responses:

Terrie – “A healthy husband!”

Chris – “A shake weight”  Fun considering what his profession is.

Joan – “Kool-Aid dyed yarn from my grandson”

Kim – “DisneyPrincess dress up kit for my daughter.  She has changed costumes at least 50 times and won’t stop.”  She enjoys giving gifts and the joy it brings others.  Her work has an Angel Tree and her department adopts a few children.  The giving is a bond for the co-workers.

Mother-in-Law – “Wedding pictures”

Mom – “Dinner with the family”

Thank you everyone for sharing with me.  Hope you and your family had a great Holiday season as well.


Merry Christmas December 25, 2010

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This is a very laid back Holiday around our house this year.  The cruise was our gift to each other.  Small gift to brother & parental in-laws.  We are enjoying the afternoon with my family and maybe some friends in the evening.  I hope you enjoy your day and time with those you love. 

I’m working on stuff for next year’s Holiday season already.  Here’s to hoping the holiday season extends past December.


Delayed Honeymoon December 22, 2010

Hubby and I had quite the hectic spring around our wedding.  Buying a house, moving, and starting new jobs left little time to take a honeymoon.  We thought about Europe in the spring of 2011, but that was out of our reach for now. 

What should we do instead?  Hubby suggested a cruise since neither of us had been on one in the past.  Great book it!  He found a great rate on a weekend that worked with our schedule.  Got the passports ready and we were off. 

Flight to the cruise delayed, but we had time.  Arrive in Miami to cold.  Seriously, people were wrapped in blankets near the cruise ship.  Get in line and start the boarding process.  Something doesn’t seem right.  Hubby notices a couple of people wearing Backstreet Boys shirts.  Hmm, odd, they were popular 10 years ago.    Then it hit us, there were LOTS of women wearing BSB shirts.  What is going on?

After speaking to a woman that had traveled over 3,000 miles by herself for this cruise, we were told it was a special BSB cruise.  This includes four days of being on a ship in the ocean with crazed fans who have traveled from all over the world for a chance encounter with the pop stars.  Impressive clout you have there BSB. 

What did this mean for our trip?  We had lots of things to do without extra people, they had their own events.  We basically did nothing though and it was wonderful.  There were no BSB siting by us. 

However I do have these lovely photos from Key West and Cozumel to share.  Very inspirational.  One of my friends has used a photo for a project that she is working on.

Tile Wall in Key West


Sourthernmost Point


Sunset in Cozumel


Ocean from the back of the boat


What can I make from these photos? 

We got back to Key West in the Spring for a friend’s wedding, can’t wait to see what else I find.


Robert Kaufman – Night and Day 3 December 19, 2010

Where has this fabric been hiding?  I want some of this in my stash.  Thank you Robert Kaufman for this collection.

While I wouldn’t use all of the fabrics together, the color combinations have me thinking about projects they could be used with. 

Check them out here for yourself, Night and Day 3

Here are my favorites to add to my stash. 


Hello December November 30, 2010

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Really December is almost here.  It’s a very busy month around my house, LOTS of birthdays.  My mom, the dogs, best friend, and ME. 

I’ve decided that once again during the month of December to not purchase any new fabric.  I should have almost everything I need for projects in my stash.  There was success earlier this fall and will be repeated. 

Here is my list of items to completed for the month: 

  • Friend’s house-warming quilt
  • Custom order of potholders
  • Hem a few pairs of pants
  • Fix a couple of shirts
  • Complete the top to my Berkeley quilt

Lots to do and get started for 2011. 

Pretty sure I will be going with black, red, and white for the colors of the 2011 Project.  I’m making my list of blocks to start looking at.


I’m still here November 15, 2010

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I promise I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth.  I have been very busy working on getting stuff made up for a show on November 27th.  My wonderful husband and mother have been helping me get all of the stuff ready. 

Hopefully I will have enough of a new product to debut it at this show.  Fingers crossed.  Can’t wait to show you the quilt I am working on as well.