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2010 Project January 19, 2010

This is a big year for Quiltytherapy. 

-My Etsy store will be launching February 1st to share my goods with the world. 

-I have been slacking on the charity quilts.

-I am making a quilt for myself!  Holy Camoly, something I have NEVER done.

January Update:  My donation quilt was way too small for anything useful.  I’ll try for two in February.  Etsy store is almost ready.

March Update:  Lots going on outside of my quilting life.  We bought a house and are completing the move across the country.  I have made a few things for my Etsy store but do not have it going yet. 

No donation quilts completed yet.  I don’t expect too much to be accomplished either in April with my wedding.

End of May/June update:  Completed the Quilts for Kids quilt.  Just need to mail it out.  Etsy store has had two sales.  I’m constantly working on new stuff to get on there.  Started a scrap bin.  Hopefully a couple of charity quilts will be in my future.  Sometimes you just need to run fabric through a machine and hear the wonderful noise that it makes.

August update:  Wow, I haven’t done a good job of keeping up with this.  There are quite a few things on my Design Wall right now.  Hoping to roll those out before the Holidays.

September update:  One very big un-named charity quilt complete.  It’s a memory quilt for their walk this month.  I really hope other enjoy it.


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