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And I thought pressing sucked… March 28, 2010

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Nothing compares to sanding your hardwood floors.  We have been doing this for a few days and this afternoon my awesome dad completed the task.  My mom and I stayed behind to clean up the house.  TOP to BOTTOM. 

WOW!!!  My mom joked that the floors looked like sand to give the house a Florida feel.  She can be quite clever when she is exhausted. 

Hopefully by this weekend I will be setting up my sewing room.  The painting is complete.  Up next is the staining and clearing of the floors. 

This was hard work, but necessary and well worth it.  Kinda like pressing.  You can’t go on to the next step until you press.


Quilts for Kids March 26, 2010

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Have you seen the Downy commercials recently?  I love that they are giving back to kids with a program Quilts for Kids.  I would like to see more than $.05 per bottle going to this charity, but it’s a start.  I wonder how many bottles they have sold so far??

I did some research into Quilts for Kids this morning and was impressed by their mission.  Saving fabric from landfills. 

MISSION STATEMENT: Transforming discontinued, unwanted and other fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse.

So green and a great idea. 

Volunteering is easy and they will also take other donations as well.  Not sure if the quilts will stay local like a Project Linus chapter. 

Has anyone already done something with them??  Do you have photos to share?


Just got an email that my package is on the way.  It’s like Christmas, what will I get??


Success! March 18, 2010

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Dear fellow quilters…
I was in a store last night that sells fabric. I DID NOT purchase any fabric. The temptation was resisted. To be honest I have resisted the temptation quite a bit recently. I really need to utilize my stash.


New quilting space aquired! March 17, 2010

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Woohoo!  My new quilting/creative space is officially mine.  There are projects to be done before I can set everything up and begin sewing in my new space. 

This weekend I will be painting the walls a lovely blue/aqua color.  This space is going to be very girly.  I will post pictures over the weekend.  Next week we rip up the carpet and begin working on the hardwoods that are hiding underneath. 

I’m so excited to share this with my readers.  Please offer any suggestions of things I should put in my sewing/quilting room.  I’ve never had a space that I could really do whatever I want to do with.  YEAH!!


New Fabrics – RJR Fabrics March 11, 2010

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I love looking at fabric manufacturer’s Web sites to find out what is coming out.  Today I found a new line from RJR Fabrics that I like. 

Shasta is an odd combination of stripes, florals, circle, and polka dots that all seemingly blend together.  Not sure what kind of project I would make with this line, but would be great for any stash. 

What would you use these for?  Look for it in stores around May.


Back to Sewing March 10, 2010

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Wow, these couple of weeks have been quite chaotic.  The original house we were going to buy had too many problems with the inspection.  Then it was off to find a new house.  So glad we did, everything has gone very smoothly and we should be closing next week.  Yep, I’m excited.  I’ve got the paint picked out for my super girly sewing room.

Last week I was busting out pot holders like a crazy woman.  They were the favor to the bridal shower on Saturday and quite a hit.  I emptied out my stash of them and now it’s on to my other collections. 

Still do not have my Etsy page up and going.  Using up my stash really put a hamper on that. 

I am way behind on projects and really need to get some motivation going.  As if a wedding, buying a house, moving across the country, and sewing like a mad woman isn’t enough.  I still have wedding and baby quilts to make.  Those little humans will be here quickly!! 

Off to conquer the world.  So glad I’m back.  Here’s a picture of me surving my shower weekend.  Can’t wait to see what I create this week.